DON’T Buy a new iMac 2012 Computer (hint: new Ivy Bridge and iMac 2012 coming soon) Review


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DON’T Buy a new iMac 2012 Computer (hint: new Ivy Bridge and iMac 2012 coming soon) Review

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iMac Aquarium
imac computers
Image by Wahj
This is my first Macintosh computer, an iMac DV from the year 2001. I still have fond memories of when I first got it. A few years ago, the computer broke down – not irrepairably, but I had moved on to a second-hand Titanium Powerbook, and thence to my current iBook.

Instead of throwing out the old iMac, my wife and I decided to make an aquarium out of it, as we’d seen reported many times on various websites. It’s taken a few weeks – gutting the internal components, getting an acrylic tank custom-made to the internal dimensions, sealing the tank, and printing the taskbar, dock, icons and (if you look really carefully) the mouse cursor, but the iMac aquarium is finally complete.

Now we just have to buy a fish …

How do you plug in your wii into your iMac computer?

I’m trying to connect my wii into my iMac computer, but I don’t know where to stick the yellow, white, and red plug thing in. Help!

imac computers best answer:

Answer by =Þ
You don’t. Unless you have something like a TV tuner for it. Something that can convert RCA (the yellow, white, red plugs) to something that can go to your computer.

iMac User Accessable Memory Slot
imac computers
Image by splorp
For future reference. This is the use accessible memory expansion slot (right) and the area where the AirPort card sits (left) in a 17" LCD iMac.

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