How to Simply Restore a Dell Laptop PC to Factory Settings


Dell Laptop

How to Simply Restore a Dell Laptop PC to Factory Settings

Professional computer technician and host of the Guru Brew daily tech show, demonstrates in a simple way how owners can restore an Dell Inspiron series lapto…
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Dell laptop AFTER being repaired
Dell Laptop
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My dell laptop went back to the factory last week to be repaired. It came back in quick order, have to give the repair shop and DHL credit for fast work and delivery. Unforatunately, it still doesn’t work. The display gave up almost immediately.

How do I get my Dell laptop with an internal network card to connect to wireless network?

Dell laptop was connected to wireless network but not now.
Have another Dell laptop with external card that connects. Main desktop has a modem and router.

Dell Laptop best answer:

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I have a dell laptop and it’s an inspiron 1525. The first thing I would check is to make sure you have the wireless on. On my laptop there is a button (this is on most laptops it’s just a matter of finding it) and make sure it’s turned on. I know this sounds simple but I’ve spent days trying to fix wireless problems only to find that all I had to do was turn a swtich on. You may have accidentally hit this switch and thats why it wont connect. If this doesn’t work, it’s probably another setting that accidentally got changed. I would call your router company tech support and see what they say. They can look at all your settings and help you get them all straightend out.

43 Dell laptops in their boxes
Dell Laptop
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