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2012 CES Desktop PC & Case Mods

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Will my 15 year old PC desktop case still work?

I have an awesome Lian Li PC case that I bought about 15 years ago. It’s a $ 300 case and I was wondering if I can still use it with modern computer parts. I haven’t built a new PC from component parts in about 10 years, so hopefully the process is roughly the same. The old computer that is in the case is your regular x86 architecture motherboard and such.

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Answer by Slydonia
If you could still the the motherboard in the market it will gonna work also might need a lil construction to used some motherboard that can be the position of VGA, USB, etc… some of these board comes with metal like ports positioner so u can remove the one on the casing and use that the comes with the motherboard I did the same with old computer removed the motherboard and put it P4 motherboard inside and working perfectly…

Rosewill launches Galaxy Series gaming computer cases

pc desktop cases
California based computer accessories, components and peripherals maker Rosewill has announced a new range of PC computer cases aimed at gamers on a budget. The new range of computer cases is called the Galaxy Series and consists of three …

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