What is the best memory card I can get for the Canon Powershot?



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What is the best memory card I can get for the Canon Powershot?

The only memory card I have is a 32 gig, I need a memory card that can store 100+ pix, and also can take long footage. Any Help? Thanks!

Memory best answer:

Answer by fhotoace
You need more, smaller cards.

The longest video you can take is around 17 minutes. The largest video file is 4 gb, so using larger cards will only result in lost files when the card gets corrupted.

Memory cards are NOT for storage. Your computer or DVD discs is where you need to save your image files, still and video.

You must format your card routinely to prevent card corruption.

Here is how digital image work flow is supposed to be.

* format your memory card in the camera you will be using it before using the card
* at the end of each shooting day, copy ALL the image files to your computer
* once they are safely on the computer, format the memory card using the format feature on the camera.

It is better to have eight 4 gb memory cards than one 32 gb card. Large cards will only make you lazy, forgetting to copy the images to your camera and formatting the card routinely

Memory collection
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12 bytes core memory –> … –>32Kbytes–> … –> 2Mbytes –> 8 Gbytes

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Monitoring Memory of Suspicious Processes
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