Verizon Unlimited Data Plan Migration may be final stab at moving grandfathered plans over to tiered ones



If you are still clinging hard to that old, overpriced and out-of-contract Verizon unlimited data plan… you’re going to have to use less data and cling harder.

Use less data, huh? Maybe that won’t even be enough.

From sources to Droid Life, it seems that will have to be the case come tomorrow when the carrier’s “Unlimited Data Plan Migration” scheme will take effect.

Verizon will contact account holders that use “an extraordinary amount of data” every month and give them an ultimatum: move to The Verizon Plan with a limited data bucket or we’ll disconnect service on August 31. Customers who won’t take the option have up to 50 days afterwards to re-activate with full account standing, but only to The Verizon Plan.

The company confirmed to the outlet that it will start sending out mailers and warnings on bills to a “small group” of customers ahead of the August 31 deadline.

A “small group” of customers already have the grandfathered unlimited data plan. With this one move, they could all be wiped out. It depends on how far the ‘ol Checkmark will go to check off these customers.

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