Top 10 Best Laptops for College Students in 2013


These days a laptop for college student is important as their college ID and books. And they don’t just need it for their studies or college life but also for their extra activities like chatting, gaming, movies, music and so on. So in case you are looking for a nice and reliable laptop for a college student which will last for at least 4 years or more, then it can be extremely difficult to find that type of laptop. But, don’t worry we have done all the research you were about to do and here we have combined a list of 10 best laptops for college students in 2013, I have to say that it was quite tricky to come up with this list because there are just so many brands and their series’ of laptops these days.

Also, before you buy a laptop, you should check with your university or college if they have any specific requirements like Windows OS laptop. Yeah, there are many colleges and school who require their students to use laptops with Windows to avoid incompatibility of their applications. So are you ready to buy a laptop for your college use? Well then let’s get started with the list of best laptops for college, classroom, dorm and campus.


This new ultra thin laptop is without a doubt perfect for college students but right now it is little bit overpriced, however if you can afford an expensive laptop then this can be extremely reliable. It is entirely made of aluminum alloy and weighs less than 3 lbs. It comes with i5 Intel’s processor; 4GB DDR3 RAM, Genuine Windows 7 and its battery lasts for around 7 hours. So, if you are not looking to compromise with performance then I’d suggest you to go with Zenbook because it is the most recommended laptop for college student.

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Well, I am sure that you already are familiar with Acer Aspire series of laptops since they are simple yet effective which also comes for a decent price that any college student can afford. Their newest laptop of this series comes with Intel’s i7 processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, USB 3.0 ports and all other basic features. Special thing about this laptop is its sleek keyboard which can surely last for a very long time. Also, if you are into gaming or other HD applications then believe me, Acer Aspire won’t disappoint you.

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This one can be really great for any student since it is the most powerful laptop in the market right now which you can own for less than $800. It is recommended for heavy tasks that can’t be performed quickly on regular laptops. It comes with 500GB hard disk, i5 Intel core processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM and Genuine Windows 8. So if you are looking for performance, newest technology and also style in one laptop then I guess you’ve just found the perfect match for you.

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This one is surely the most recommended laptop for college students from last 2 years or more. It is extremely light and thin which makes carrying around dorm rooms really easy and comfortable. Not only for students but also for office work or any other heavy tasks you’d like to perform. It comes with 6GB DDR3 RAM, 750 GB HDD, DVD Burner, Intel HD Graphics 3000 and all other regular features including 3.0 USB ports. It is also known for being a perfect alternative to Acer Aspire laptop.

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New Ultrabook from Lenovo which is named as Lenovo IdeaPad can be extremely strong performer since it comes with third generation Intel’s processor and that too for an affordable price. It delivers entire set of features and is one of the most perfectly designed laptops in 2013. It comes with 500GB hard disk space, 4GB DDR3 RAM and 1.7 GHz i5 Intel core processor. Also, Lenovo IdeaPad is always mistaken as Apple Macbook since their design is very much similar other than Brand’s logo.

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This one is undoubtedly among most preferred laptops for college students since it comes with entire set of features that are desired by most of college students. It was first introduced in last year by HP after the huge success of HP Envy series. Best thing about HP Folio is that you control it entirely including features like cooling fan, you can simply turn it on anytime and make heat go away. Specs of Folio are competitive as other ones in market and it features 4GB RAM, Intel’s i5 processor, 128 GB storage space and genuine copy of Windows 7.

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Lenovo ThinkPad might be a little expensive but if you can afford it then stop thinking and simply go for it. This one is surely for those people whose entire life and career runs through computer, so if you are one of those then this is the most suitable laptop for you. Specs of ThinkPad are very much up-to-date and it features Intel’s i7 processor, 8GB RAM and 1000m NVIDIA graphics card. It surely is the most recommended laptop for any student but due to its high price not everyone is able to afford it and that’s the only reason it is not on top in our list.

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Toshiba Portege is totally a hassle free and simplified laptop which is known for its long battery life and swift performance. These days everyone wants a laptop which is affordable and can handle heavy tasks like photo and video editing. So if you are looking for that too then go for Toshiba Portege which is priced at around $800 right now. Specs include: Intel’s i5 processor, 6GB DDR3 RAM and hard drive of 640GB.

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Sony VAIO can surely be one of the most reliable laptops and here in this post I am not going to tell you what model to buy for a college student, you can simply go for any VAIO as long as it is a laptop from Sony VAIO series. This one is most commonly seen in colleges and even schools so without a doubt you can rely on it. Specs also differ and it totally depends on which model you buy, but you can get almost any specs you want according to your needs.

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Like I always say, nothing even comes close to Apple laptops and yeah that stands for college students too; Apple MacBook Air 13″ can be the perfect one. It was recently unveiled by Apple and has become one of the most popular laptops in very less time. Specs of this MacBook are obviously very powerful and it comes with 8GB RAM, i7 processor and 512GB storage space. Current price of Apple MacBook Air 13-inch is around $1400 but surely will be reduced in coming months.

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