Top 10 Best i7 Laptops in 2013


Personal laptop is extremely common these days and most of laptop users want those devices that can easily perform games, videos and heavy applications. And also it should be able to handle multi-tasking smoothly. Anyways, in case you too are looking for that kind of useful laptop then I’d suggest you to go for a laptop with Intel core 3rd generation i3 processor. A laptop with this kind of processor has plenty of benefits and they are real easy to handle latest games, multi-tasking, applications, etc. Besides processor they also have latest specs like 4-8 GB RAM, 500 GB hard disk drive and also a good graphics card.

So if playing video games and multi-tasking is your essential need then I’d say you should totally go with a laptop that includes no loess than Intel Core i7 processor. Well, if you’ve made your mind then this article is surely going to help you choose the best laptop for you with an i7 processor. Let’s check out what are the best 3rd generation i7 laptops in 2013.

Note: We update this list of best i7 laptops every now and then since there are plenty of latest notebooks popping up every month.


The Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 is truly one of the cheapest and best i7 laptops and the current price of this device is around $600 which I think is very much reasonable. Other than 3rd generation i7 processor of 3.1 GHz this 15-inch laptop comes with 4GB RAM, 1TB hard drive, 1GB graphics card, 1 MP Webcam, four 3.0 USB ports and Windows 7. There are plenty of cases in different colors that you get with the laptop which can be extremely helpful to customize it. This amazing feature of changing color every now and then is exclusive and you can simply change it whenever you want according to your outfit or mood.

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This one is another affordable core i7 laptop which is extremely attractive and costs only about $799. Having a regular 15.6 inches screen, this particular notebook from Acer is endowing all of the current substances which would match all of your heavy multi-tasking requirements. It has 4GB RAM which you can surely upgrade and make it to 8GB as well as 750 GB hard drive. Fortunate with 2GB GeForce focused graphics card, this particular notebook from Acer will unquestionably fulfill nearly all your gaming tasks. Other than these, it has got all regular specs such as three USB ports, 1.3 MP Webcam, HDMI port, LAN port and large inbuilt card reader.

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Toshiba Satellite L850 is the latest i7 core laptop with a regular screen size of 15.6 inches and like other laptops in this list it also comes with 4GB RAM and third generation i7 core processor plus Radeon 7670M HD graphics card. Best and exclusive thing about this laptop is its weight which is only about 2.4 kg. This notebook possesses all regular specs like 750 GB hard drive, Webcam, USB ports, LAN port, HDMI port, etc. This is a great laptop from Toshiba which can be easily bought from local stores for about $850.

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Lenovo ThinkPad laptop is the initial notebook that possesses IVY-Bridge tech and comes with third generation i7 core processor. Current price of this laptop has been set to $939 which should reduce dramatically. Other than awesome i7 processor, it has 1TB hard drive, 6GB RAM, 3.0 USB port, NVIDIA GT GeForce graphics card of 630M and dual wireless network. Display screen is regular of 15.6 inches and you’re getting 64 bit Microsoft Windows pre-installed within it.

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Well, how can possibly ASUS left behind when we are talking about third generation i7 laptops? ASUS R500VD notebook too comes with an Intel core i7 processor plus NVIDIA GT GeForce 610M graphics card and 4GB RAM. It comes with Original Microsoft Windows 7 and has an excellent clean model which will certainly charm you and you can buy it for around $930.

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Well, here is another great third generation i7 laptop from ASUS. It is very much similar to other laptops in our list and comes with NVIDIA graphics card of 610M as well as 4GB RAM and can perform all your heavy applications effectively. It has all regular specs too like HDMI port, USB ports, card reader, Webcam, etc. It is available in most of computer stores for around $1000 and comes with Original Microsoft Windows 7.

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I know there are many Sony VAIO fans around the world and on my blog too and this amazing and latest laptop from Sony is definitely going to make you happy. The Sony VAIO SVS13127PXB had been recently introduced by Sony and comes with almost every single latest technology plus has a great battery life. It has 8GB RAM already inside it which can be expanded up to 12GB and HD Graphics card 4000 by Intel. Yeah, I know graphics card is not as it should be, but trust me it is easily capable of running all your HD games and heavy applications. Its backlit keyboard makes this laptop stand out of crowd and small screen of 13.3 inches makes it even more flexible and portable. Surprisingly, DVD writer has been built in this notebook and also exclusively it comes with Genuine Microsoft Windows 8. This laptop from Sony VAIO series is available in several attractive colors including pink and can be bought from stores for around $1100.

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HP recently introduced their new laptop which is HP Pavilion DV6 and how can we exclude it from the list of best third generation core i7 laptops. It really is a great device for playing video games due to its 3.3 GHz core i7 processor. It comes with 2GB graphics card which will make your gaming even smoother and 6GB RAM. It has 4 USB ports of 3.0, LAN port, card reader, HDMI port, Webcam and best of all, finger print sensor. You can get this amazing laptop with Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit and has a regular display screen of 15.6-inch. Currently the price of this i7 laptop is around $1200 and you can easily find it in most of laptop stores.

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How can we forget Apple’s MacBook Pro in the list of best i7 processor laptops? I know there are millions of Apple fans in the world and they’d kill me if I didn’t include Apple’s device in this post. It is gallant and slim laptop just like other ones from Apple and comes with third generation i7 core processor of 3.5 GHz, Graphics card of 4000 plus 1000 video memory and 8GB RAM. Other than these amazing specs it also has front HD Webcam, 8x Super drive and 512GB hard drive. Battery backup is pretty much impressive of 7-8 hours and comes with newest MAC OS. This laptop is priced at around $1800 which is quite expensive comparing to other i7 processor laptops, but you know how Apple products are, and they simply can’t be compared with other laptop brand products.

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Finally this list is about to end and I am quite happy that it is ending with HP Envy 17 laptop. Yeah, I know it is pretty much costly but you’ll forget about the price once you get to know its features. It is powered with original third generation i7 processor, 1GB Radeon graphics card, 8GB RAM and hard disk of 750 GB. Other than these effective specs it also includes DVD writer, 2 headphones jacks, card reader, LAN port, HDMI port and 2 monitor ports. At a time you can connect 3 display screens with this laptop. This laptop comes with original copy of Microsoft Windows 7 and best thing about it is its display screen which simply can’t be compared with other laptops. Currently its price is set to $1499 but it should reduce eventually.

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Finally, this long list has been ended and I have showcased all top class i7 core processor laptops and now it’s time for you to pick the best one according to your needs and budget. What I learnt from this post is Apple is as good as it was, HP is swiftly improving and Sony is still ruling with their VAIO series.

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