TOMTOM Start 55 GPS Navigator



TOMTOM Start 55 GPS Navigator

TOMTOM Start 55 GPS Navigator.
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PIC Interface and GPS Module from a Phantom Proactive Tracker
Image by Nathan Chantrell
The PIC16C66 based board connected to the GPS module and to the guts of a Nokia 5110 by the FBUS connectors on the bottom of the phone (it was just soldered directly to the connectors on the bottom of the phone). The cut yellow wire to the left was soldered to the power button on the front of the phone. The other yellow wire next to the orange is a + trigger input and the orange is a – trigger input. To the right the grey wire is ground, black is main +12V power and brown is a switched +12V from the vehicles ignition.

The 9.2V Nicad battery pack is connected through two solder pads on the end cap of the steel housing that need to be joined by soldering a wire across to activate the battery backup.

The GPS module is a Navman Jupiter 12, part no. TU35-D410-041. Datasheet available here. As it has a simple 4800,N,8,1 serial output and supports NMEA I am planning to repurpose this by connecting it to an Arduino.

what are gps applications?

can someone briefly describe four different gps applications?

GPS best answer:

Answer by petep73
Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

Click on the link below for 19 different applications:

GPS Accuracy
Image by Blyzz
I’m seriously impressed with the accuracy of the GPS on my phone.

You can see the backtrack when we entered rwy 19 and even the track we took between the hangars when we returned – I was expecting the corrugated iron of the hangars to interfere with the GPS, but it looks like it had no effect whatsoever!

GPS monitoring alerts overwhelm probation officers

The nation's largest probation department strapped GPS ankle monitors on the highest-risk of those convicts, expecting the satellite receivers to keep tabs on where they spent their days and nights, and therefore keep the public safe. Instead, agents …

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