TDSB: Toronto public board's top students tie with 99.7 % average


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TDSB: Toronto public board's top students tie with 99.7 % average

computer tutorials
Geoffrey Yu, 18, and Ryan Gotesman, 18, both attended William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute, were on the computer programming team, and showed an early interest in reading, from memorizing TheCat in the Hat to finishing a Harry Potter novel on a …

Joystick jocks

computer tutorials
It began with secretive LAN (local area network) parties where players would connect their computers directly and play the first-person shooter game Unreal Tournament. Later, as the internet developed past the squeak and buzz of dial-up, these parties …

Dota 2 review – eSport of kings

computer tutorials
These are problems Valve is obviously aware of but the suite of tutorials is strangely incomplete at launch, perhaps because Valve wants to concentrate on getting existing fans onside from the start. Even so, the basics of the game are fairly easy to …

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