Talygen Gives Windows Users an Audit and Verification Tool for their Workday


Palo Alto, California (PRWEB) August 09, 2013

In todays demanding business environment, companies are increasingly asking their employees and freelancers to document and validate their workday. Third party tools that audit the employee workday by taking employee desktop screenshots, tracking keyboard and mouse activity and tracking time exist in the marketplace. However, they are all standalone tools that are not integrated with other aspects of a companys workflow like marketing, project management, invoicing, ticketing knowledge base, message boards and so on. Talygen, the world leader in business management automation, has introduced desktop screenshot, keyboard and mouse activity logger and time tracker features in its advanced windows desktop tool. Now employees and freelancers can easily document and validate the work they did during the workday. This tool complements the state of the art cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) Talygen application. This enhanced functionality of Talygen not only benefits employees and freelancers but also helps their companies audit and ensure that all work being performed on their behalf is genuine.

Employees and freelancers who have traditionally only done time tracking in their workday, now have the ability to also document and validate their work. With the introduction of the desktop screenshot feature and the keyboard and mouse activity logger, employees and freelancers can give their companies or clients deep audit capabilities on the work effort being produced by them. The data flowing from the windows desktop tool is pushed to the cloud in real-time and is fully integrated and available in the award winning Talygen cloud-based SaaS application. All of the project management, resource usage, project status, contacts, documents, time tracking & invoices data is available in one easy to access location and thus the entire business, as well as the project lifecycle, can be managed seamlessly. While the use of this advanced windows desktop tool is optional, it is an important part of the end to end solution offered by Talygen. The Talygen windows desktop tool offers an interface that is intuitive and easy to use. It follows modern windows design and has a clean uncluttered look

Talygen’s new windows desktop tool with advanced audit and validation has the following features:

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