Symbian Belle on the Nokia E6 – First impressions


Nokia E6

Symbian Belle on the Nokia E6 – First impressions

This is a short video I shot immediately after I successfully flashed my Nokia E6-00 and installed Symbian Belle.
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Nokia E6 European made (exact model name: Nokia E6-00)?

People in America I need a Nokia E6 which was manufactured in a European country like Finland, Hungary, Germany etc. Can anybody tell me which store in the United States of America I can find a European made Nokia E6? Most stores I checked on Ebay and Amazon only have versions made in China or Mexico. If anybody knows of any store in the US where I can find a European made Nokia E6 I would greatly appreciate you telling me. If possible give me a telephone number for the store and a website. Most importantly the website so I can order it from them. Thank you all.

Nokia E6 best answer:

Answer by Nancy Bee
nokia has 9 manufacturing plants around the world, it is made wherever it is made. As long as its a genuine nokia, it makes no difference where it was manufactured. Buying over the internet is a risky venture.

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