Sony's new Tap 11 tablet PC, Flip laptop


203/365 – Sony Vaio Laptops SUCK! (bad design)
SONY Laptop
Image by TheRogue
A client’s laptop had a motherboard go bad on it, so I did what I normally do and try to back up any data on the hard drive before it gets sent out for warranty repairs. So when I went to get at the hard drive on this particular Sony Vaio laptop, I found that it required the removal of a dozen screws and sweat-inducing care to not break any of the clips as you disassemble the keyboard (?!?!) so you can move it away and get to the hard drive.

The empty area to the bottom left is the spot where the hard drive goes.

Most laptops take 2-4 screws to access the hard drive and usually from the bottom and/or side – and take less than 2 minutes to remove. This one took me about an hour the first time – most of which was spent trying to get tiny and thin clips to let go without snapping any off. It took me 20 minutes the second time around. No clips were broken, either!

Trust me, stay away from buying these. They’re not worth the extra money and will end up costing you even more to get repaired when (not if) something eventually fails.

Sony's new Tap 11 tablet PC, Flip laptop

SONY Laptop
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