Sony VAIO Fit 15E Series Touchscreen Laptop Review


SONY Laptop

Sony VAIO Fit 15E Series Touchscreen Laptop Review

Review in Bulgarian and English language. Laptop model: SVF15215CXW See pictures of this laptop here/вижте снимки на този лаптоп тук: http://s1289.photobucke…
SONY Laptop Video Rating: 3 / 5

Samsung vs. Sony Laptops?

My HP laptop needs to be replaced. I’ve had a number of problems with it and I know a couple of people who have had a lot of problems with their HP’s so I want to go with a different brand.

I saw a Samsung Q430-11 and a Sony VAIO VPCEA24FM at Best Buy. (See links below) Any opinions? The Sony being able to play Blu-ray is not really a factor for me. I’m more interested in reliability of the brands.

Thanks in advance for your help!;+Core%26%23153;+i5+Processor+/+14%22+Display+/+4GB+Memory+/+500GB+Hard+Drive+-+Black+Aluminum/9973019.p?id=1218202949239&skuId=9973019&st=Samsung%20Q430-11&cp=1&lp=1;+Core%26%23153;+i3+Processor+/+14%22+Display+/+4GB+Memory+/+500GB+Hard+Drive+-+Coconut+White/9980021.p?id=1218204943663&skuId=9980021&st=Sony%20VPCEA24FM&cp=1&lp=1

SONY Laptop best answer:

Answer by monFREAKKKK.
Sorry, but, your links didn’t work very well.
It’s okay though,

I reckon, go the Vaio. All my friends have them and, i don’t know.

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SONY Laptop
Toshiba's products have been on my radar for many years. When I worked at CompUSA, I would often sell the company's laptops. They were a good balance between quality and affordability. Sure, Sony's laptops were sexier, but they were more expensive …

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