Section of 41st Street remains closed as city monitors sinkhole (photos, map)


Dell Outlet Monitor
Image by Accretion Disc
I just got a great deal from the Dell Outlet on a refurb’ed monitor. It arrived this afternoon, and now I can start paying my Dell Support Dues.

The yellow page says:


DVI, VGA, USB, Power, or DisplayPort Cables have not been included with this replacement display.

Please retain the cables received with the original display

But this isn’t a replacement display. It’s a refurbished product and should come with the appropriate cables. And it did come with three cables: the three you see here, and a white booklet full of legalese in 2 languages. The problem is that one of the power cables ought to be a DVI cable.

I spent 47:06 on the phone with Dell telling four representatives about this. Each one acted like they had never heard of my case before, and did not have a CRM system to read the notes entered by the previous rep. The third rep kept insisting that the parts would all have P/N part numbers on them. Perhaps they do – invisible ones. She also insisted that since the bar code numbers on the two power cables have different numbers, they must not both be power cables. She asked me to verify that one of them wasn’t really a DVI cable. Then she transferred me to the 4th person, who got my information (again) then told me she would put me on hold for 1-2 minutes. Instead she put me on hold for 3-4 minutes of silence at the end of which I got a dial tone. I don’t know if they lost my call or if I’d just used up my daily quota of DELL or what.

Section of 41st Street remains closed as city monitors sinkhole (photos, map)

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — Police continue to barricade a section of 41st Street in Avondale Tuesday morning as the city monitors a sinkhole which has begun to impact an outside lane near the railroad tracks between First Avenue North and First Avenue …

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