Q&A: How to send multiple sms from sim card reader, any software?


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How to send multiple sms from sim card reader, any software?

I want to send sms to multiple contacts by using my sim card. I want to send those from my Pc actually, and i have a sim card reader too. Can a sim card reader help send sms? or is there any software which can help?

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Answer by A. Einstein

Menu Key> Add recipient when in your text message and do that for every contact you want to add.

Another way is adding a e-mail entry with each person’s phone e-mail to all of your contacts and sending mass text messages through the mail app. For instance for all your AT&T contacts you’d need a e-mail like this: [email protected]

Using Skype on your computer to send text messages will give you the option of sending to multiple recipients, as if it was an e-mail. You have to buy Skype credit, it costs about 11 cents per text, and this would probably be multiplied by the number of people you’re sending to.

Nokia 9500 Communicator – select all the mobile contacts by pressing CTRL-A, and send the message to all the contacts at once.

Microsoft Outlook SMS Add-in:

Easy SMS (Pocket PC 2000)

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