pc crash pc freezing pc shutdown?



pc crash pc freezing pc shutdown?

hi i went to know why? my pc keep crashing

i7 2600
GTX560 ti/GTX 260 as Physx
800watts PSU

plz help me why it keeps crashing
some time freezes on windows desktop most off the time playing games
i have uploded a video on youtube(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4r3rJkvIto)
in this clip i am showing my mafia 2 crash when i do burnout the pc crash and shutsdown
i dont know y? that happens
and some games freezes and even the pc after some time
is it the power supply?
plz let me know anthing. why r this bus my rig having

pc best answer:

Answer by cheesehead75
The only thing that comes to mind is try having the latest drivers for your video cards.

If you feel you don’t have enough watts here is a detailed power supply calculator.

It might be Mafia 2, some games have small random bugs that will cause the PC to crash, I suggest you do further research if other people with Mafia 2 also too have crashed their PC assuming they have similar specs.

Also Mafia 2 has some soft of update to v1.4 not sure if that’s a factor you might want to check it out the patch.

Try playing around with the Mafia 2 settings, and the Nvidia control panel settings.

If all else fails than, its possible that one of your computer parts such as your video cards might be at fault.

Hope it helps Good Luck.

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