Noctua NH-U14S AMD & Intel CPU Air Cooler Review


Noctua NH-U14S AMD & Intel CPU Air Cooler Review

Noctua NH-U14S AMD & Intel CPU Air Cooler Review. If the previously reviewed Noctua NH-U12S is good, then the NH-U14S must be good +2, right? Well it is a bit more than that. We now have more heatpipes, a more dense array of cooling fins obviously …

CPU chip
Image by Jim Mead
A CPU chip. Part of my 52 project, Week 5 – Technology

Best Desktop CPUs: Holiday 2013

I would like to start on the side of no bias; I run systems on both, have suggested systems for both, and my box of processors for Gaming CPU testing is quite full – but I do love a nice dollop of performance. So obviously there are many facets to a …

Image by 小宗宗
Intel i7 920 CPU usage is less then 10% when I playing a 1080p video.
使用Intel i7 920播放1080p影片CPU使用率低於10%

New AMD desktop roadmap: Carrizo APUs in 2015, no new FX CPUs

AMD updated their official roadmap last month, and announced "Kaveri", "Beema" and "Mullins" desktop and mobile processors coming next year. A bit more information about AMD desktop plans for the next two years emerged in a leaked roadmap slide, …

Image by Pedro Agüera
Uso de memoria y CPU mientras trabaja MAGIX Home DVD 4.0 grabando ‘guadalest dvd’.

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