Need for speed hot pursuit 2010 Low end gaming laptop


HP Low-end Laptop

Need for speed hot pursuit 2010 Low end gaming laptop

Download Need for speed Hot Pursuit Running my Dell latitude D630 Laptop..! Specs.. – 1.8 GHz Core 2 Duo (2mb Cache) – 2 Gb Ram DDR2 – Nv…
HP low-end laptop Video Rating: 4 / 5

HP laptop recommendation?

I was wondering if this laptop I’m looking at on Bestbuy; and also if it plays any good games (recent games like STOR and Reckoning) on high settings. Will this laptop be a great laptop for a college student also?

HP low-end laptop best answer:

Answer by Andy L.
Here are the specs:
HP is lowest in ratings for quality and reliability, so add a squaretrade 3 year warranty.
Average is alphabetical in the table.
The A8-3520M is passmark 2366 which is low for a quad-core. Seems to be a defective performance CPU:
The graphics 6620G should be OK but not great:
Crappy on Low for Star Wars TOR, Really choking on Battlefield 3 and Skyrim. With the problems in that CPU and your expectations, would not get that one.
The lowest end that would please you is probably an on-sale Lenovo Y570 and signup for email for 10% off first order. Unfortunately, the price is more than that HP, but never saw lower on an i7CPU and GT 555M for the graphics.
Although the screen is only 720p, that actually allows an enhanced frames per second when the graphics is stressed, and at least this one at $ 720 (plus tax, after discount) will get you the high settings on SWTOR and is the minimum that will do it, expected at 35fps or so.
Check youtube for video demo and see if you can raise your price point, or be satisfied with something less. I would pass on that particular HP model.
Adding: You may not thrill to the “NO” answer, but at least in this answer is all the tools you need to decide and a recommendation for what gives you what you ask for.

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