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House Judiciary chairman Bob Goodlatte says no impeachment of Obama

US House Judiciary Committee
Some bad news for Sarah Palin and other conservatives who are itching for President Obama to be impeached: The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, which handles any impeachments, has now said no to it. "We are not working … "And that's why the …

After years of controversy, Brown's district still in the spotlight

US House Judiciary Committee
“Segregated housing patterns, demanded by restrictive covenants and enforced by Florida courts, kept the African-American population together well into the mid-20th Century, which is the central reason why these communities are segregated into those …

House Judiciary Committee Hearing

US House Judiciary Committee
A balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution is one such fiscal rule; one whose very nature would render it an effective fiscal constraint immune from the forces that have generated a history of Congresses reneging on budgetary targets, and.

Branstad makes judge job at-will

US House Judiciary Committee
Paul Sheron, secretary-treasurer of a union that represents 2,500 administrative law judges in the federal government and District of Columbia, said judicial independence is critical to protecting the integrity of a system the public relies on for …

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