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Open the doors to new technology

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OPINION: Wellington's technology scene keeps on delivering, a testament to the entrepreneurial culture that has grown up here over the past 20 years. Take two developments from last week. First, Wellington start-up company GreenButton, which …

Gary Yordon: Technology 1, Parents 0

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My first mistake was getting my 90-year-old father an iPhone. My second mistake was answering his call while he was buying his first new car in 30 years. You would like Anne and Lenny Yordon. Mom is 5-foot-nothing and pretty much Jewish Mother 101.

European Technology Summit returns to Cork

Technology News
The future of technology will be the topic of discussion with Don O'Leary from Twitter and Serena Lawless from Google. They will be joined by Dr Nicola Millard who is a customer experience futurologist with BT. UPC chief executive Magnus Ternsjo …

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