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The science news cycle from PhD. Comics.

Cosmochemist discovers potential solution to meteorite mystery

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People didn't know what to think all of a sudden," said Lawrence Grossman, professor in geophysical sciences. At issue is how numerous small, glassy spherules had become embedded within specimens of the largest class of meteorites — the chondrites.

Clouds may keep exoplanets cool

science news
Science News. Vol. 183, May 18, 2013, p. 5. [Go to]. N. Drake. Super-Earth spotted in life-friendly zone. Science News. Vol. 181, March 10, 2012, p. 14. [Go to]. R. Cowen. The hunt for habitable planets. Science News. Vol. 174, December 20, 2008, p. 16.

NASA's polar robotic ranger passes first Greenland test

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Defying 30 mph gusts and temperatures down to minus 22 F, NASA's new polar rover recently demonstrated in Greenland that it could operate completely autonomously in one of Earth's harshest environments. The robot known as GROVER, which stands for …

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