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Monitor LG
Image by chinojb
Un portatil del copón enchufado a un monitor de LG de 72 pulgadas…. internet Wireless…. diox!!!

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It's been a topic of debate ever since the arrival of the first TFT monitor: is a 60 Hz refresh rate fast enough? For a long time it was nothing more than a theoretical discussion as LCD screens weren't capable of displaying more than 60 whole frames …

Coast Guard monitors salvage of grounded boat

VALDEZ, Alaska — Coast Guard officials are monitoring the salvage of the 65-foot fishing tender Hana Cove after the vessel was intentionally grounded on Culross Island in Prince William Sound. The crew of the Hana Cove reported the vessel had struck a …

Sri Lanka main Tamil party wants international monitors for upcoming polls

COLOMBO, July 8 (Xinhua) — Sri Lanka's main Tamil party has called for international monitors to participate in the upcoming elections in the former war-torn Northern Province of the island, an official said here on Monday. Tamil National Alliance …

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