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Niels Diffrient: Father of Ergonomics

Niels Diffrient, the artist, architect, author, and industrial designer whose seminal research on ergonomics established standards for the furniture industry, died at his home in Ridgefield, Connecticut on June 8th. Diffrient was 84. His death was …

National Safety Month Week Four: Ergonomics

The National Safety Council has recognized June as National Safety Month for more than 15 years, and this year, the final week of the month is dedicated to highlighting the significant impact ergonomics can have on healthy senior living. Ergonomics …

Leave Your Keyboard Feet Folded In For Better Ergonomics

We've all seen those little feet that extend out of our keyboards, but did you ever ask what they're really for? It turns out they're not there for ergonomics. I recently got a new keyboard and realised I never knew whether I was supposed to extend …

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