KickStarter: OwnPhones, the 3D printed earbuds of the future



A Kickstarter project that aims to change the way consumer connect to their music has been launched. OwnPhones use 3-D printing technology to create customized earbuds that perfectly match the shape of the user’s ear, and their personality.

The idea is surprisingly simple. A potential user can take a video of their ear, showing the shape and the way the buds would ideally fit within. Then they send off the information, and OwnPhones uses the video to create a 3-D printed set of earbuds that nestle comfortably, and conform to the shape.

Different styles and colors can be chosen, to make it all the more customized to your preference. They currently provide over 10,000 possible combinations to choose from, a wider selection than any other product out on the market.

Having customized earbuds is a major benefit for those who regularly use their mobile device for media. You can run with them, dance with them, jump with them, and do any other form of movement without worry about them falling out. The customized fit also provide a much better sound quality, and reduces sound bleed to those around you.

But even better, they are wireless. So no having to struggle with a tangled cord, or accidentally rip them out in the middle of an activity.

Earbuds of this quality are rare to see, but this technologically advanced form are even better than could be expected. The use of 3-D printers are only just starting to take off, from the point of view of consumer technology. This is a great start.

As someone who wears ill fitting earbuds in my rather small ears on a daily basis, and who constantly rips them out at the gym, I want these. They even have “jewelry” styles, which definitely appeal to a girly girl like me. I have my eye set on the floral design.

If you want to contribute to this Kickstarter campaign, they have low-donation options starting at just $2 for a discount when OwnPhones are released. Or you can get the early bird special price on a pair for $149. Not a bad price, for these kind of wireless earbuds.


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