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Hiiii ? How’s your day been? Livi has a bit of a cold, so we’ve been laying low over here. My madre came over for a little while so I could drop off our tax documents, and I brought back La Parrilla soup for the the three of us. Their chicken and rice soup is the perfect remedy when you’re fighting a cold, especially with a little lime and salsa.

Late last night, I hit up the gym for a short workout. It felt so good to zone out on the treadmill with my Kindle, especially before a rough night of sleep for everyone.  


Naptime was spent cleaning up around the house and doing neglected chores, followed by an energizing green juice.


Patio juice  1 of 1

(I’ll take the Vitamix, food processor or juicer out onto the patio so I don’t wake little miss up during her nap. 

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I used to focus on juices as a main meal component (especially during my days experimenting with raw cuisine), but now consider them to a nutritious snack or beverage option. Fresh juices yield  an awesome dose of nutrients and antioxidants, but since the fiber is removed, they’re not very filling. I look forward to juices or smoothies following lunch as a little pick-me-up during the afternoon slump. 

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This one has a few of my favorite ingredients, including the spicy kick from ginger. Not only does it add some great flavor, ginger is also a fantastic remedy for fighting the cold. Ginger contains chemicals called sesquiterpenes, which have been shown to fight rhinovirus. It call also help to soothe a sore throat, suppress cough and reduce fever. It’s a bummer that Liv doesn’t like it; I made her some ginger tea and she wasn’t a fan. (She’s been sipping sweet Tulsi Rose, which we both love.) Some remedies that have seemed to help: a little honey on a spoon, elderberry, vitamins, Hyland’s sniffle tabs and good ol’ fashioned dye-free Tylenol when she had a fever. 

Some more of my favorite cold remedies:

-A whole head of roasted garlic. I eat this EVERY time I start to feel sick, and it helps me to fight it. 

–Vitamin C smoothie.

–Tomato tea.

-Fluids and rest. (<– remedy for almost anything)

Here’s the combo for today’s juice:

Sweet and spiced green lemonade

Zumba and Wildcats tonight! Enjoy the rest of your day <3


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