How to enable virtual technology on my asus desktop PC?


Asus Desktop PC

ASUS EEE PC 1000HE Desktop
Asus Desktop PC
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my netbook desktop, running XP.

How to enable virtual technology on my asus desktop PC?

Hello, I have an ASUS Essentio CM6830-3AA Desktop PC and I have been looking through the BIOS by pressing F8 at startup, but I can not seem to find the setting to enable virtual technology/ virtual machines on my computer. I am attempting to use VMWare to run a virtual machine on my computer, but I need to have this setting enabled before it will allow me to run it. Does anyone know how to find the virtual technology enable in my BIOS settings?

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Answer by TurcoLoco
I don’t know about that particular make and model but the related setting is normally located in the “Advanced” settings page under CPU Configuration. Look for “Intel Virtualization Technology” or something like that which uses the Vanderpool Technology to utilize your hardware much better when using a virtual machine software.

asus eee desktop
Asus Desktop PC
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넷북이 데스크탑 PC로 변신 Netbook became desktop PC
Asus Desktop PC
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요즘 내 PC가 탱크 굴러가는 소리가 난다 싶을 정도로 시끄러워서 데스크탑 PC대용으로 넷북을 사용하려고,
예전엔 비싸서 꿈도 못 꾸던 로지텍 무선 키보드, 마우스 셋 Logitech Wireless Desktop MK320
을 산 것이다.

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