How many laptops can i bring to the airport?



How many laptops can i bring to the airport?

is there a limit on how many laptops you can bring on your luggage?
like will they ask for a permit or something if you exceed this number of laptops?
i’m planning on buying 5 laptops for my friends back in the philippines… do you think the airport officials will allow me to put these laptops in my luggage?

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Answer by Albert
I bring 2 all the time without any hassles (one work laptop and one personal laptop). Five might be too much since no one would personally use 5 laptops in a single trip. I would not advice checking in the laptops since they can get damaged in transit if not properly packed. I also read somewhere that it is not wise to check in laptops although I have done this a few times in the past when my carry-ons were just too heavy to add another laptop.

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