How do I install Apps on my jailbroken iPod Touch?



How do I install Apps on my jailbroken iPod Touch?

I have recently jailbroken my 1.1.4 16GB iPod Touch using Ziphone, but when I try and install any apps it says ‘Package doanload failed’. i have also tried just addind applications to the download queue, but having added them could not find the queue. How can I find the applications i’d chosen and get them to successfully download?

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Answer by ack154
You should probably use the Clear Queue function and start over. If you run into one that fails to download – it’s likely a problem with the source. Not much you can do about it. But if you don’t clear the queue out, it’ll probably give you that same error for each one you try b/c your queue is still backed up.

So clear the queue and then start over with each one by itself.

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