Hoverboards’ might recently have been deemed illegal on UK roads and pavements


Hoverboards’ might recently have been deemed illegal on UK roads and pavements, but they’ve got an unlikely supporter – Major of London Boris Johnson.

BoJo himself has called for the “ludicrous and nannying prohibition” surrounding the personal transporters to be overthrown, instead allowing ‘hoverboards’ to be ridden up and down our nation’s high streets in much the same way that mobility scooters are permitted.


Writing in his Daily Telegraph column, Johnson branded the ban “hogwash” and revealed he is actively seeking ways to legalise the Segway-inspired gadgets.

“Let’s get Back to the Future, and stop this ludicrous and nannying prohibition on the electric scooter-surfboard gizmos,” he urged. “They are the Segway-like things which the authorities have said young people may not use on the pavement.”

He added: “Well, I have consulted Transport for London (Surface Transport) experts, and they think this hogwash. They are a new and potentially liberating form of personal mobility. We want to legalise them.

“If the oldsters can charge towards you on their terrifying chariots, the youngsters should be able to waft on their boards. It’s intergenerational fairness.”

Hoverboards, despite not actually hovering, have been deemed too dangerous for public pavements, with the balance-based devices branded health and safety risks.

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