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Gadgets Every Business Traveler Needs

From a portable monitor to a wi-fi camera, Launch Squad digital lifestyle expert Andrew Felix reviews gadgets to pack before the next conference away from ho…
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Starting my own business?

I actually saw this show on the discovery channel or maybe history channel, where this guy had his own secuirty/tech business, he sold alot of high tech gadgets and self defence stuff, such as cameras, mace, stun guns, micro cameras, etc, etc, etc. My question is, how would I go about starting a business like that?, and would I be able to possibly do it from home, and have customers contact me if they wanted things like that or etc? The business I want to start is the one like this site has, and either do it online or from a store:

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Answer by Mark A
Doing it online is cheaper. If you have a store you should also do it online.

You need to identify your market, then target your market. Then promote to your market.

Listen to local news for break ins. Then advertise to them. Thats only one way i thought of.

However. Having an online business requires set up. For people marketing online, they must have their own domain name and a place to upload html files to. You use your domain name as an adress to get people that are interested in your product to look at your site. Make a link on your main page to your actual online store. Put a form on your main page by using an auto-responder. Provide info to the people in your list about your products/services. Build A list. The money is in the list.

The thing is, you can’t tweak your webpage using affiliate links. For search engine purposes, this is the best thing to do. Get your own domain name. You can have one for cheap. Upload whatever you like on it. Choose a domain name that maches your business.
Global Domains International offers a great domain and hosting package for only Ten bucks a month, includes domain name, email accounts, hosting and more.

Most online marketers don’t realize that they need their own domain name (identity), and an auto-responder to market the products and services. Thats why most people fail at their online business. They are marketing online but have no idea how to market online, so they get a poor response and end up quitting. Then they say it didn’t work. Of course the “thing” didn’t work. It’s because they didn’t work or take the time to learn how to market online.

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