Fujitsu Arrows Tab with Windows 8 Hands-On – CEATEC 2012


Fujitsu Arrows Tab

Fujitsu Arrows Tab with Windows 8 Hands-On – CEATEC 2012

Check out Engadget’s Fujitsu Arrows Tab with Windows 8 Hands-On at CEATEC 2012! We got a look at Fujitsu’s Arrows Tab at CEATEC last year, and the 10.1-inch …
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How do I flip the screen while in tablet mode on my Fujitsu Tablet Lifebook T Series?

I am trying to make it so that the tablet buttons and scroll sensor on my tablet are on my left while in tablet mode(I keep accidentally hitting them with my hand). Where/how can I do this? (please note, I am not trying to turn it so that I am writing landscape, I want the display rotated 180 degrees).
I should add that I’m running vista on it.

Fujitsu Arrows Tab best answer:

Answer by Blondie
Right click on desktop , to into graphic properties, and rotate screen tab, some peeps have hot buttons, control, alt, and the arrow key.

Fujitsu ARROWS Tab Windows 8 tablets still can't run Windows 8.1 preview

Fujitsu Arrows Tab
Microsoft states, "Please note that the Fujitsu ARROWS Tab series of tablets are still blocked at this time and we continue to work closely with our partners to resolve this issue." That likely includes the recently released Fujitsu ARROWS Tab Q582/F …

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