EXCLUSIVE: Sony introduces a new laptop, the VAIO® Fit


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EXCLUSIVE: Sony introduces a new laptop, the VAIO® Fit

There is a new kid in town this summer: The VAIO Fit laptop! This new PC is “Fit” for everyone — from students to business users who are looking for a step …
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What does the orange light blinking mean on sony notebook next to wireless switch and battery charging light?

I see three lights on my sony e-series notebook. Wireless switch & light on left, battery charging light on middle and one more organge light on right. I am not sure what this usually blinking orange light is for. Does this mean something is wrong? It was like that since I first bought the laptop.
Thank you. I always used mac before so I didn’t know. ?

Sony Notebooks best answer:

Answer by Ben Sutton
It probably means hard drive load or CPU load. It will always blink.

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