Engadget's Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Laptops


Engadget's Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Laptops

Laptops News
For what it is — a web-centric laptop with a lightweight, portable design — the $ 279 HP Chromebook 11 is pretty sweet. Chromebooks have received no shortage of flak over the last few years, but if your computing needs are simple, or if you're …

Lenovo G505s review: a budget laptop that has some great features

Laptops News
However, the top-selling laptops still tend to be unglamorous 15-inch models that sell for £500.00 or less, such as Lenovo's G-Series of 'everyday' laptops. See also Group test: what's the best budget laptop? Prices for the G-Series start at around …

laptop news
Laptops News
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George’s surgery was a mixed blessing.

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