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On the latest segment of Rothman Tech-Tips (#RTT), I interviewed Erika Pecora of Gross, Mendelsohn Technology Solutions Group, which is located in downtown Baltimore, MD.

Erika and I discussed Dynamics GP, which is a mid-market business accounting software orERP Software package that is one of four accounting packages acquired by Microsoft that now share the Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions brand.  The Dynamics GP product was originally developed by Great Plains Software, and it was one of the first accounting packages in the U.S. designed and written to be multi-user and to run under Windows as 32 bit software.

When I asked Erika about Dynamics GP, she described it as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system for mid-market sized businesses.  When I asked her about the difference between Dynamics GP and the very popular accounting system Quickbooks, she said that the GP can integrate better with 3rd party products and integrate with custom applications.  Another thing Erika mentioned was the reporting capabilities of GP (just take a look at a screen shot of a GP home page).  This home page can show numerous reports based on what users want to see. This example shows Customer YTD Sales by State, Sales per Month and many more.


For more information on Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can contact Erika at [email protected]

For the #idontcook portion of this vlog, I asked Erika about her favorite restaurant in Baltimore, MD.  Erika recommended Woodberry Kitchen right off route 83, just outside of Baltimore city.  Woodberry Kitchen relies on relationships with Chesapeake area growers to provide ingredients that nourish and delight their guests. Erika recommends the Oven Roasted Chicken & Biscuit that is served with fresh vegetables.  “Woodberry Kitchen is a farm-to-table concept, so everything is fresh.”

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