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computer gadgets
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What kind of weird computer gadgets have you seen?

I want know some unusual computer gadgets people have seen. I am talking about like devices that could be on expansion cards, drive bays, or usb ports. Basicly anything you could put on a computer without altering the case in anyway.

Some of the things I have seen were an actually cup holder for computers, a toaster that fits in to a 5.25″ bay drive, a usb heat/cooling drink pad, a usb mini-fridge (only fits one can), usb-powered fans, etc.

what other kind of crazy or unusual computer devices have you seen?

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Answer by Matt
Engadget keep a whole running feature on this (tag: crapgadget)

USB Volcano…

USB Cabbage…

USB Whack-it…

USB Air-purifier…

USB Back massage…

USB Crystal Ball…

computer gadgets
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The Glow From Your Gadgets Is Disrupting Your Sleep Cycle

computer gadgets
TVs, computer screens, fluorescent lights, and LED displays all produce light shifted toward the blue end of the light spectrum (it's for this reason that a computer or TV in a dark room will make the walls look blue). This, Wright says, is helping to …

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