CNET News – Apple surprises with fourth-gen, full-size iPad


Apple’s Next Generation Ipad

CNET News – Apple surprises with fourth-gen, full-size iPad Apple introduces the next-generation iPad a mere six months after the iPad 3 was announced. It’s twice as fast as the previous model an…
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Should I buy iPod touch or iPhone or Android phone?

Which one is better for me? Is buying an Iphone is better than buying an Ipod as long as I’m going to use it mainly for the applications?
And what about android phones, are they better than iphone? and what is special about android phones?
Thanks all for answering.

Apple’s Next Generation Ipad best answer:

Answer by James
Forget the i- hype and all apple crashes. Motorola Android all the way!

NextGeneration iPad Mini Rear Shell Appears Again in New Photos

Apple’s Next Generation Ipad
… launch during the fourth quarter of this year. Apple is also expected to release an updated full-size iPad around the same time, with the new iPad taking design cues from the iPad mini by including narrower side bezels and a thinner, more rounded …

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