Asus X501A Laptop Unboxing – 2012


Asus Laptop

Asus X501A Laptop Unboxing – 2012

Please subscribe and check out my other videos, thanks! This is a laptop for a client. Asus is a reliable and well known laptop/computer brand and this lapto…
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What type of Asus laptop do you prefer for a college student?

I am going to college this fall and I am thinking about getting an Asus laptop. I personally would like the laptop to be able to run most of games plus long battery life. Any price around 1,200$ would be acceptable to me. Which Asus laptop model do you prefer? And how is the quality of an Asus laptop in general?

Asus laptop best answer:

Answer by b.winslow
Go to and look at their laptops.

I dunno about Asus but I got an ACER for 600 bucks and it ROCKS! It is worth around 1000 bucks too.

I’m not like trying to advertise them but they do have great deals.

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Asus laptop
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