All the Major Mobile OS Makers Build Their Own Phones Like Apple Now


All the Major Mobile OS Makers Build Their Own Phones Like Apple Now

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Well, the timing definitely isn't a coincidence. There's something kind of poetic in the fact that on the day of an expected Apple event announcement, Microsoft happens to mention that it's buying Nokia's cellphone business. The $ 7 billion deal means …

Browser and operating systems
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For this post.

Is Elementary OS too much like Apple's OS X operating system?

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The reviews seem mostly positive though I'm not sure that Elementary OS is offering much that you can't get elsewhere. Das U Blog and LWN both have reviews. The reviews seem to indicate that Elementary OS is following somewhat in Apple's footsteps.

Snow LOLcat: All your system are belong to us
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Image by subcircle
Spoof reworking of Apple Mac’s operating system Snow Leopard following a disastrous Apple system update which borked my MBP

Microsoft OS head on why owning Nokia is a good thing: 'We need to make the

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Speaking on an investor conference call this morning, Terry Myerson, Microsoft's executive vice president of operating systems and the former head of Windows Phone, pointed out that the deal will help the company to better make the case for Windows …

#800604 Modern quality brand laptop with Windows 7 operating system
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Image by LambdaCZ
intended use: laptop for operating system for fermenter / bioreactor cell cultures or other operating systems
belongs to: Minifor labscale fermenter and bench-top bioreactor, Lambda laboratory instruments

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