Advanced Computing Got One Step Higher With the Amazing 5 Pen PC Technology


Desktop and laptops have been around for more than 2 decades now and everybody agrees that they have overstayed their technology welcome by a few years. That is true for about 95% of the users. They don’t want most of what their computer is capable of doing. They don’t want to carry 3.5 pound behemoths for their job. Sure, smartphones and tablets are one way to replace them, but the 5 pen PC technology takes computing to the next level.

What is it?

Just as the name suggests, this tech is comprised of five major components. It utilizes Bluetooth and internet in order to communicate. The promise made by 5 Pen PC or the P-ISM technology is that it will allow you to create a computing environment anywhere you want. If you are at a store and want to kill time, take out your P-ISM out and it projects an A4 size screen anywhere you want.

Here is a brief look at how it all works:




Projector Technology in Pen

When you think about projectors, you think about those heavy and expensive things you see during presentations that are mostly rented and not bought. However, projectors have become smaller and cheaper since. There have even been phones with mini projectors built into them too. The P-SIM projector is similar to what you’ll experience on your portable device. It creates a screen with a 1024 x 768 pixels resolution.

Depending on how far you are from a flat surface, this can be either adequate or very clear. As time goes on, newer projectors will be able to give you even better resolution for high definition pictures and videos. According to NEC, which is developing P-SIM since 2003, the projector could either be stand along or integrated with the pen style computer.


Virtual keyboard

This component works much like the projected screen. Whenever a surface it near to you, you can have the P-SIM project a virtual keyboard onto it. You can type into it and the gadget will recognize the keys that you are pressing. It is quite comfortable and you can make the keyboard as large or as small as you want to.

Not only will this keyboard connect to your PC, but also to your tablet, smartphone and pretty much any device you throw at it. If you are tired of typing long sentences on your smartphone with the built in keyboard, then this is by far a much better way of doing it. It is also more convenient as compared to carrying your own physical Bluetooth keyboard everywhere you go.


Digital Camera

This is probably the most important part of the 5 Pen PC applications. The camera is very small and lodges itself within the pen style computing device. You can point it towards yourself for video chat and conferencing. At other time, it can scan things around you.

For instance, when you go shopping, it will detect product IDs and layout information for you through the projector. It has many other uses including facial recognition, video recording and others. It can rotate 360 degrees, and is quite flexible. Motion sensors should help pivot the camera automatically.




The Pen Style Computer Technology

This is the heart of the P-SIM. It runs a dual core processor at the moment and can run Windows. It is not a stretch to imagine that it will run faster processor and run other operating systems such as Android and other Linux variants for niche purposes.

Overall, the 5 Pen PC is a very promising device. It will certainly change the way we use technology, and indeed eliminate a lot of heavy devices that we use today, for the most part of it.

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