A peek into a travel photographer’s camera bag



Wu Swee Ong is a Singaporean travel photographer who has had his work published in National Geographic.

As a self-funded photographer, Wu backpacks around the world, documenting his travels via photography. His trips can last anywhere from a week to three months at a time, affecting the camera equipment that he carries around with him.

For now, his camera bag holds a total of eight essential gear, including a DSLR, different lenses, a GoPro and a Macbook.

Wu recently added an iPhone 6S Plus to his camera bag and credits the new addition to helping lighten his load.

“I’ve found the iPhone excellent for street photography, and is now my main go-to camera for that genre,” Wu tells Mashable. “The introduction of the iPhone did change some of my shoot gear, and thus my packing style.”

According to Wu, “selective packing” is a necessary skill for any travel photographer.

“It’s an urge to bring everything you have as you worry about not having the right lens or equipment for the shot,” he says. “But I find that carrying too heavy a load tires me out and affects my thinking.”


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