5 Coolest Android Powered Gadgets


These days Android is the dominated source of technology which in powering the tech gadgets and hands on many technical innovations.

These devices are widely used in completing many tasks and the gadgets which are supported by Android gives you the amazing performance and you can also depend on these gadgets. Below are some of the finest gadgets which are enabled with android operating system.

5 Coolest Android Powered Gadgets

  • Polaroid SC 1630 Smart Camera: This camera is the innovation 5-Coolest-Android-Powered-Gadgetsfrom the Polaroid, which is established in 1937 and is the best company for optics and known for its work in Cameras and Eye wears. This camera is of amazing lens which is of 16 MP with a wide touch screen of 3.2 inches and 3X optical zoom. You can say it as a Smart Camera with special features and navigation techniques. You can shoot the snaps with 18 different modes and can share it with your friends by the means of social media.

  • MOTOACTV: This device is the innovation from Motorola. This amazing device is a fitness tracker which helps you stay fit. It is invented with the special features which make this device as a fitness tech gadget. It has a special Accusense technology which shows your fitness activities like Running, Distance, Speed and burned Calories. This device entails with 1.6 inch display protected by Gorilla Glass. You can even listen to music while on workout and it is also enabled with Bluetooth and has a set of hands-free.

  • Lenovo K91 Smart TV: This is a Smart TV which is invented by the Chinese Hardware Company which manufactures the technical gadgets like Laptops, Smart TV, Notebooks and many more. It is said that it is a partner of Google in manufacturing TV’s. It has 55 inch beast powered display and it is supported by the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. It runs on Snapdragon 8060 dual-core chip. It has stunning HD quality which can be viewed through on demand videos.

  • Sony Z Series Android Walkman: This is an innovation from Sony, a Japanese company known for its inventions in the field of electronics and entertainment. This device is a best in the music players with quality sound. It is supported by the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system which gives the boosting performance to the Walkman. It is featured with the Discman and the personalised CD player with the different qualities of sound.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab2: This tablet is an innovation from the Samsung Company and is a South Korean Company. It is enabled with the Android 4.1.1 jelly Bean operating system. It includes the better performance with ICS technology. It gives the amazing experience and access to various applications in this tablet. You can access to rich contents like video hub and can download media files. You can share pictures and videos from your tab to different media sites.

The above tablets are discovered with Android and have a fabulous performance in its own ways and if you wish to purchase any one you can go with it and if you are in need of some extra cash then you can opt for loan and can repay it after you get your next pay cheque.

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