Windows Terminal Gets a Pop of Color and Customization

Examples of the Windows Terminal with custom color schemes and backgrounds

Are you tired of your dull command line? Microsoft’s latest Windows Terminal update opens the door to customization, with improved color selector options and new theming support. You can now write your own Windows Terminal themes, with background images and all!

Let’s start with the simple stuff; Windows Terminal now runs in dark mode by default (regardless of system settings) and uses new default colors to better match Windows 11. Windows Terminal also gains an upgraded text rendering engine with support for bold, underlined, overlined, and hyperlinked text.

Microsoft also upgraded the Windows Terminal’s “Color Schemes” page, which should simplify the customization process for users. But more importantly, Windows Terminal now supports themes with custom backgrounds.

The updated Windows Terminal offers a couple of preset themes, which you’ll find under Appearance settings. But if you’re decent a coding, you can build a custom theme by editing the Terminal’s JSON file. (Naturally, we expect people to build and distribute custom Windows Terminal themes.)

You can download the updated Windows Terminal at the Windows Store or GitHub. Or, since you’re so interested in the command lines, you could try using the winget command line tool to install Microsoft’s Terminal update.

Source: Microsoft

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