Windows 10 market share continues to climb as OS reaches 100m users


Windows 10’s early success looks set to continue as the operating system’s growth is showing no signs of slowing down.

Two months on from its release, the software is running on more than 100 million devices, according to figures from Petri.


Other sources are also reporting steady growth for Windows 10, with Net Applications pegging its market share at 6.63%, up from 5.21% in August.

This makes the latest version of Windows only the fourth-largest operating system in the world, behind its predecessors.

Microsoft has to convince a vast number of Windows 7 users to take advantage of the free upgrade, as the OS is the market leader with a 56.53% share.


Windows XP holds 12.21% of the market and Windows 8.1 has a 10.72% stake, but both of these platforms are seeing gradual decline.

Overall, Windows accounts for 95.37% of the world’s desktop market, with Apple’s OS X 10.10 on 4.91%, and Linux accounting for less than 2%.

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