What is the Sky Q App? How Sky Q works on your iPhone and Android mobile



Sky Q is now available for your iPhone or Android phone, thanks to the nifty new Sky Q mobile app, as well as your iPad or Android tablet. Here’s everything you need to know about the Sky Q mobile app, including what features it offers, how to set it up and more.

Sky Q has led the charge in 2016 when it comes to telebox goodness, with the brilliant Sky Q service. The result was an over-the-air and over-internet feed of up to 4K UHD quality shows and films that can be watched all over the home. And now with the new Sky Q mobile app, you can take your favourite Sky Q shows and movies wherever you go.

Sky already offered an iPad app for Sky Q, but at last there’s an app for iPhone and Androids too, so pretty much every Sky subsscriber can remotely access the box, set up recordings, stream content and enjoy some TV boxsets on the go. Here’s everything you need to know.

Sky Q app: Who can use it and how does it work?

Anyone can download the Sky Q app on Android or iOS but it’ll require a subscription with Sky to actually get any use out of it, obviously.

To access the Sky Q app’s offerings you’ll need a Sky Q box, Sky TV and more specifically Sky Q subscription.

Setting up the Sky Q mobile app is easy. Simply download the app for iOS or Android, from the App Store or Google Play. Accept the usual permissions and once done, open the app up when your phone’s connected to your home WiFi network. The app should automatically detect the Sky Q box that’s on the same Wi-Fi network and then present you with all of the features you’ll need.

It’s worth noting that if you want to access your recordings from the app, you’ll need to have a Sky Q Multiscreen subscription.

Sky Q app: Recording and streaming

The Sky Q app allows you to record shows onto your smartphone to be watched when away from the home, or to stream them when on the same Wi-Fi network. To record and watch on the go you’ll need to make sure the phone is loaded up from home before you leave the house as you can’t record directly to the phone when out and about.

When you’ve decided on what you want to download, after browsing the app much like you do the Sky Q box, you have download options. You can download to your Sky Q box in SD or HD, choose to download to the phone or play it there on the smartphone.

Streaming at home is near instant and the quality is high to suit most modern high-res smartphone displays. This works for live TV as well as On Demand programmes. You can drag the progress bar to move anywhere in the show. If you’ve been watching on the Sky Q box the app will continue the show from where you left off seamlessly.

If you get back home, midway through a show you recorded to your phone, don’t worry about it not being on the Sky Q box. You’ll be able to access content stored on the phone via the Sky Q box too. The result should be an ability to start on one device and continue on another seamlessly no matter where it’s recorded.

Sky Q app: Remote recording

While you’re not able to download directly to the Sky Q mobile app when out of the house (and therefore out of range of your Sky Q box). the app can still be used to record upcoming shows and movies.

The Sky Q app allows you to set up new recordings, so you can watch them on your return. Once you’re back on your home Wi-Fi network you can either enjoy them on your telly as usual, or download/stream from the Sky Q box to your phone.

You’ll have access to everything you’re subscribed to on Sky right from the app meaning Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and more. Although Sky does say: “Some programmes and recordings are unavailable to watch or download via the mobile app in and out of the home.” Which ones it’s referring to are unclear at this stage.

Sky Q app: Release date and availability

The Sky Q app is available to download now for iOS and Android smartphones, as well as tablets. The app is free to install and use and simply requires a Sky Q subscription to work. Check out the complete list of compatible devices to see if the Sky Q app will work on your chosen mobile.

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