This is the smart alarm clock you need to make your mornings more bearable


While few people absolutely loves their alarm clock, the Sandman Doppler Smart Alarm Clockis making it possible to change that.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa, the smart clock allows you to set alarms, control smart home devices, get news updates, and more, all just by using your voice. It also features two quick access buttons on the top that can be customized to do your most frequent tasks, whether that’s calling a cab or turning off the lights.

Stream music directly from your phone with the Doppler’s Bluetooth capability, or charge multiple gadgets with six built-in USB ports. (The ports are removable in case you want to replace them with USB-C ports in the future.)

This Kickstarter project is the second from Palo Alto Innovation. Pledge $119 or more now to get your Sandman Doppler, which is estimated to ship July 2018.

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