The Galaxy S7 Edge gets doomed Note 7’s Coral Blue outfit



Samsung’s Galaxy S7 series is benefiting yet again from the death of its Galaxy Note cousin. After that always-on display update, this time around the S7 Edge gets a new color scheme: Coral Blue. This was the flagship color in most of Samsung’s media releases and ads — and it’s pretty darn nice in person. The company is looking to make the most of all that leftover blue casing, we assume, after halting Note 7 production. It joins the existing color options of Black Onyx, Gold Platinum, White Pearl, Silver Titanium and Pink Gold; all of which sound like Pokémon games.

There’s no release specifics, but Samsung says the new color option will be available in selected markets around the globe, if you want to pretend you still own a Note 7. Or really like Coral Blue.

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