The Best Drawing Monitors for Graphic Artists

black drawing tablet with feet and a pen on display in a modern living room

Drawing monitors have become a favorite tool of graphic artists both professional and recreational. They have the versatility of being used as a classic computer monitor or more portable like a tablet. And the drawing pen adds a certain hands-on element and invokes the classic feeling of an artist with a pencil or brush in hand.

What to Consider in a Drawing Monitor

Be sure that any drawing monitor you buy has the graphics you’re looking for, as this can vary. They can vary in size as well, so consider if you want something smaller and portable or larger and closer to a traditional monitor. Most drawing monitors come equipped with a variety of shortcuts to make your drawing experience easier, so also consider if you want a monitor with a range of shortcuts and features or something simpler. Be sure to check that the monitor is compatible with the drawing software you want to use and your computer or laptop.

Best Graphics: VEIKK Drawing Monitor Tablet

black drawing tablet showing a colorful sketch

The high color gremut allows this tablet to show more colors, and 1920×1080 HD graphics mean that this monitor will show off your artwork to the best possible advantage. The pedestal attached to the back is easily adjustable to whatever angle suits you best, retract it to lay flat or stand it up on a desk. The monitor comes equipped with a scroll wheel and seven shortcut buttons that you can customize to best suit your needs.

Best for Budget: Parblo Coast10 Tablet

black drawing tablet with various accessories

Not only do you get a high-quality drawing monitor for a reasonable price, but several other tools. A drawing glove, USB cable, lanyard, eight pen nibs, and a portable hub with four slots come included with the monitor itself. The angle of the monitor can be adjusted for your comfort and is compatible with most major graphics applications. It works equally well sitting in your lap or on a desktop.

Most Portable: GAOMON PD1161 Drawing Display

black and dark gray drawing tablet with a pen and pen mount

Weighing in at under two pounds and a screen under 11 inches, this drawing monitor is easy to transport to work, school, or anywhere else you care to take it. The battery-free pen has two programmable buttons and is designed to apply just the right amount of pressure for a smooth and neat drawing experience. Equally useful for graphic drawing, photography image editing, animation, and 3D sculpting.

Best for Displays: GAOMON PD2200 Drawing Monitor

wide black drawing tablet with feet and a matching pen and pen mount

The monitor is compatible with most online telecommunication programs, including Zoom, which makes it handy for online education and remote meetings. The screen is equipped with an anti-glare film that also provides added protection and helps to prevent dust from gathering. Features such as color, hue, saturation, and brightness can be adjusted based on your needs. The monitor has ports for an HDMI, a USB, and a power cord on the side for devices you wish to connect. The 2000 to 1 contrast ratio makes your images appear as clear and vivid as possible.

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