Stilla is a ridiculously simple security system


$29 will get you a Stilla if you act fast. The startup’s simple security system hit Indiegogo about a week ago, and it’s already managed to pull in around $44k, courtesy of more than 600 backers.

The little pebble-shaped device’s strongest selling point is its simplicity. It’s got an accelerometer, a small speaker (or will in its final version, at least), a Bluetooth transmitter and a light on top, all powered by a replaceable watch battery.


You squeeze it to activate, drop it in a handbag or adhere it to something valuable, like, say, a stroller, and when the accelerometer detects movement, it sends an alert to a connected iOS or Android device or smartphone and triggers an alarm through the on-board speaker.

And that’s about it, really.

The system also utilizes an algorithm that will help filter out non-threatening movements, in you’re, say, on a train. And you can adjust the device’s sensitivity manually through the app.

The device still has about 21 days left on its Indiegogo campaign and can be picked up as a one-off or bundle. It’s set to start shipping in March of next year.


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