Snapchat’s Newest Filter Will Tell You How High You Are



Snapchat has added an altitude gauge to its lineup of dynamic filters, which overlays your photo with a dial-like graphic showing just how high up you are at the time of your Snap. The altimeter

filter adds a reading of your altitude (measured in feet) and a whole new dimension to your Snapchats. It’s ideal for when you’re taking a selfie thousands of feet up in a Boeing 747, straddling the spire of the Burj Khalifa, or arduously ascending the face of K2.

The altitude filter is a dynamic one, meaning it changes in real-time according to your location and altitude; like the speed filter, it likely taps into your phone’s sensors (which include altimeters, GPS, and odometers) to read your altitude and display the data. Other dynamic filters available on Snapchat include filters that display time, temperature, and battery life. They can be found by swiping left on the app and appear whenever there is a significant change in location.

Snapchat users are limited to applying one dynamic filter, one geo-filter, and one color-filter at a time, for a grand total of three filters to each Snap.

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