Razer’s Wireless Basilisk V3 Pro Is Finally Here

The Razer Basilisk V3 Pro on a mousepad with RGB lighting.

Every few years, Razer flexes its expertise with a crazy new gaming mouse. And the Basilisk V3 Pro might be the company’s latest achievement. Just don’t let your appetite overtake your budget, cause this thing ain’t cheap.

At a cool $150, the Razer Basilisk V3 Pro is more than twice the price of Razer’s standard Basilisk V3. But it offers several compelling upgrades, including wireless connectivity, a more powerful 30K DPI optical sensor (up from 26K), Hyperspeed multi-device support (it can share a dongle with other Hyperspeed products), and wireless charging with a new Mouse Dock Pro.

Notably, the new Mouse Dock Pro ($70) enables a 4K polling rate when using the Basilisk V3 Pro over a wireless connection (it acts as a HyperPolling Wireless Dongle). The Mouse Dock Pro includes a small “puck” that you can attach to the bottom of your mouse for wireless charging—you can buy the puck on its own ($20) if you want to use cheaper Qi chargers, by the way.

The Basilisk V3 Pro’s other features are just carryovers from the Basilisk V3. So, it comes with responsive optical switches, 11 programmable buttons, integrated Chroma RGB lighting, and the fancy HyperScroll Tilt wheel. This scroll wheel lets you quickly switch between “tactile” and “free spinning” modes to navigate games or webpages.

Additionally, Basilisk V3 Pro comes with Razer’s Speedflex USB-C cable. You can use the mouse over a wired connection if you want, although I suggest buying the much cheaper Basilisk V3 if you don’t need wireless functionality.

Razer’s new Basilisk V3 Pro is available today at Amazon and the Razer webstore. It’s a bit expensive at $150, but it’s clearly a flagship product for the Razer brand.

Source: Razer

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